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We will bring her to you at the center just as soon as the tests are finished

“We will bring her to you at the center just as soon as the tests are finished. Please, Sir, this is really important and may be more important than you know at this time. You absolutely must continue at the center.” As she spoke my phone rang. I glanced down to see an unidentifiable number on the phone. “Please, Sir, answer your phone.” erotic-1764727_1920.jpg I pushed the button and placed the phone to my ear once again. “Hello?”

“Mister Drake, this is Damina Storm. I am pleased to get the chance to speak with you.”

“Miss Storm? The president of the planet, Damina Storm?”

“One and the same, Sir and please call me Damina. I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to cooperate in this. It truly is important. After work today I would like to invite you and your lovely wife to the Capitol Building for dinner and a conversation. We have a problem brewing that you and your old team may well be able to help us with. I have dispatched several members of the secret service to protect your wife and if you choose I will even connect a video link for you while she is having the test. After we speak tonight I will talk to the other members of your team.”

“I really don’t like this, Ma’am. My wife is the only thing that kept me fighting for so many years. She has been so understanding about our crisis, and I really don’t want anything to make her uncomfortable.”

“I absolutely understand and agree with you. She is a national hero in my eyes. But I would truly like to talk about this in a more private and secure location. It is going to be public knowledge entirely too soon anyway. I will not go so far as to force you to cooperate with us. I just need you to understand this is really important.”

“You will have her brought to me?”

“If I need to, I will escort her personally.”

“Has she been made aware of this?”

“Yes sir she is in the care of the best women in my service and will have a private caregiver with her at all times. They have been instructed to give her anything she needs at all times.”

“I still don’t like it but I will cooperate.”

“Thank you, Sir.”


I was with my last appointment for the day. My wife was waiting in a lounge on the ground floor. They had brought her everything her heart desired all day long. I had a video link that I could use to talk to her any time I needed. She kept telling me not to worry she was fine.

Here I stood, in a posh bedroom, with another woman. She was not a looker as most would say. She was more of a plain Jane. But the pills in my system were doing their work. I was more than ready for her.

I watched as she dropped down onto her knees and began to fondle my cock. It had amazed me just how much these women just wanted to touch me. At times I felt like a piece of artwork. Other times I felt like a prostitute. This woman began by caressing my shaft then she started to rub it on her face. She reminded me of a cat loving on its owner.